We’re happy to answer all your questions about the practicalities of a safari

The summer months from November to March are when the rains arrive and it’s hot between the thunderstorms. The vegetation is a sea of green, wildflowers can be seen everywhere, and all mammals and birds have their young. The bush is alive – Africa is at its most productive!

It’s a photographer’s paradise, especially in the Kalahari, where the large herds of animals migrate.

The prime tourist months are from April through to October

Both the weather and game viewing are excellent. Animals are at their most visible around the natural waterholes, dams and rivers.


Although the official language of Botswana is English, most of the population speak Tswana as their home language. Guided safaris are always conducted in English.


The national currency is Pula (P). Most credit cards are accepted by shops, restaurants and fuel stations. Credit card cash advances are available at local banks in Gaborone, Lobatse, Francistown, Kasane and Maun. Most facilities accept Rand, US Dollar and Euro.


Most of the country has a subtropical climate with little rain.

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