There are different types of safaris that we can design for you, depending on your needs and interests

Perhaps you prefer the luxury of established camps, or the adventure of a temporary camp that has miraculously been set up off the beaten track – or a combination? Whatever your preference, we can create your dream safari. 

Whatever your choice, it all begins with your Unfold Africa guide meeting you upon your arrival at Maun Airport. They will be with you from the thrilling beginning to the farewell wave as you board your flight back home. 

If desired. We can arrange for guests to fly directly into camps on chartered flights.


Mobile Safaris

Mobile safaris offer a lot of flexibility in venturing into more remote areas, setting up comfortable camps around us as we go. Have you experienced the bliss of a hot shower in your tent in the middle of nowhere?

Our guides and camp staff are the magicians who conjure this luxury.

As Vundi likes to say, a guide’s office is the wilderness and the tracks left by animals are his morning paper. A mobile safari invites you to pull up a chair and delve right into the stories of the bush.

Mobile safaris are perfect for groups of two to 12 people.


Classic Safaris

Botswana and Kenya are peppered with stunning lodges in exquisite locations. Our classic safaris allow guests to experience the thrill of sitting on a deck and watching the wildlife show play around you – never a repeat performance.

If you would prefer to stay in more established accommodation, a classic, or fixed-camp safari, is the perfect option for you.

Classic safaris are perfect for groups of 10 to 14 people.

We can also craft a safari that combines both classic and mobile options.

Let’s talk about your preferences and we can suggest various options for your specific group.

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